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It has been a hot minute since I blogged any of the charming things my dear sweet *chokes* son says. However I think I may need to start reposting from time to time, whenever he spits out something trying /facepalm or chuckle worthy.

Now even though I did post this on my facebook page it was rather amusing and I feel it should be posted here too.


Me: so you call yourself elite at this game right??
Shane: yep, cos i am.
Me: so that means you have done the entire thing on legendary, right??
Shane: no, but i could. I did it all on normal, the problem with legendary is you can get one shotted.
Me: so you really arent elite then because you dont play anything but normal.
Shane: i am too, it says so in my tag
Me: /mimics shooting self in head.


Posted March 19, 2012 by lifewithshane in Just Wow

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