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After sniffing my skin because it smelt like vanilla; Shane: “I have now smelled all the good smell off you and transferred it to me, you must now smell my armpits………. they smell like kittens.” Me: “Your armpits smell like kittens?? HOW is that even possible?? I mean REALLY now………. kittens??” Shane: “Yes, kittens. Now SMELL my armpits woman!!!!!” Me: *laughing so hard can’t breathe* “I’m not smelling your armpits Shane. They so do not smell like kittens!!” Shane: “Yes they do!!!!!!!! SMELL!!” *armpit jammed into my face* Me: “Your armpit does NOT smell like kittens AND you broke my glasses!!” Shane: “Sorry about your glasses but at least I made you smell me.” *Shane laughs hysterically*

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Posted September 5, 2010 by lifewithshane in Strange Child

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