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Shanes class has to do a project on any Roald Dahl book they like, the project is to make anything to do with the actual book. Shane chose Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator. I read the book just last night to refresh myself on the story.
Now we both have VERY different ideas on what he should make for this assignment even though we both like the same part of the story.
Me: “I think that you should make a diorama of the part where the Vermicious Knid is wrapped around the elevator.” Shane: “That’s my favourite part too but I think I should make a pinata full of candy.” Me: “Shane, I read the book……. at no point is there candy in it. Nowhere in the book.” Shane: “Mother!! Seriously!! It’s Willy Wonka!! Besides, I could fill the pinata with candy AND facts….. Then it would be Educational Candy.” Me: ” There is NO candy in the book though Shane.” Shane: “You just fail to understand the educational capabilities of candy.” Me: *goes to my room and read* “I can’t do this right now.”

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Posted August 15, 2010 by lifewithshane in Some days I worry......

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