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It has been raining and storming ALL day so when Shane got home from school I had a nice warm bath waiting for him and a hot cup of chai latte to warm him up a bit. He is sitting in a the bath, sipping his tea (tough life I know) when he shouts out to me “After I get out of the bath can we go to the mall?” Me: “Suuuuuuuure!!!! I’ll just get my purple flying sparkly unicorn out of the bedside table drawer and get her to fly us above the clouds so we don’t get wet” Shane: “Gee mum, I was thinking we could put on our jet boots and just zip there real quick.” Me: “I dunno, the rain will make the boots wet then we won’t be able to fly, the unicorn however……” Shane: “You know you could have just said no!!!” *goes back to splashing and turning the bathroom into a pool*


Posted August 10, 2010 by lifewithshane in Sometimes I Win a Few.

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