Sometimes a Plan Backfires   Leave a comment

Shane stayed home today because school lets out at noon and the buses wont be. He Claimed he is staying home so I wouldn’t have to walk outside in the wind/breeze and risk damaging my eye further.

Me: Shane can you please go get the furry ones some food from the store please?

Shane: Can’t you do it?? I’m killing these zombies.

Me: Really??

Shane: Well someone needs to keep the world safe, it might as well be me.

Me: Remember the reason you stayed home today??

Shane: Ohhhhhhhh…… Crap….


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Making a return…. maybe   Leave a comment

It has been a hot minute since I blogged any of the charming things my dear sweet *chokes* son says. However I think I may need to start reposting from time to time, whenever he spits out something trying /facepalm or chuckle worthy.

Now even though I did post this on my facebook page it was rather amusing and I feel it should be posted here too.


Me: so you call yourself elite at this game right??
Shane: yep, cos i am.
Me: so that means you have done the entire thing on legendary, right??
Shane: no, but i could. I did it all on normal, the problem with legendary is you can get one shotted.
Me: so you really arent elite then because you dont play anything but normal.
Shane: i am too, it says so in my tag
Me: /mimics shooting self in head.

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The GREATEST thing Shane has EVER said   1 comment

Shane: I found out we are going to have optional talks next year about puberty n stuff. Me: AWESOME Shane: No NOT awesome I do NOT want to go to it. Me: Why not? I think it would be useful for you and less embarassing than me talking to you about it. Shane: I do NOT need to learn about sex!!! Me: Why the hell not. Shane: I will NEVER EVER have sex…. EVER Me: *falls down on floor laughing*

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Way to make me feel old…..   Leave a comment

I know it has been a LONG time since I posted anything new but life has been hectic and Shane has been saying nothing that funny til tonight.

*watching a charmed episode with a party scene with a 40’s theme* Shane: “So mum, did they get the 40’s theme right?” Me: “Pardon?” Shane: “Well I figure you were alive in the 40’s so you should know if they made it look authentic or not.” Me: *nothing*

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Sweet Boy   Leave a comment

After trying on the evening dress I will be wearing to a black tie event this Friday night I got Shane to help me accessorize it. He picked out some simple, elegant looking pieces and I put them on to see how they worked with the outfit. He made me turn around and made sure I looked good then said to me “I would be dignified to be seen out with you dressed so classy and if someone falls in love with you I wouldn’t blame them.”

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Nicknames   Leave a comment

Shane: “My friends all call me ‘LOL Smiley Face” Me: “Why?” Shane: “They don’t really but they should.”

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Smells like…….   Leave a comment

After sniffing my skin because it smelt like vanilla; Shane: “I have now smelled all the good smell off you and transferred it to me, you must now smell my armpits………. they smell like kittens.” Me: “Your armpits smell like kittens?? HOW is that even possible?? I mean REALLY now………. kittens??” Shane: “Yes, kittens. Now SMELL my armpits woman!!!!!” Me: *laughing so hard can’t breathe* “I’m not smelling your armpits Shane. They so do not smell like kittens!!” Shane: “Yes they do!!!!!!!! SMELL!!” *armpit jammed into my face* Me: “Your armpit does NOT smell like kittens AND you broke my glasses!!” Shane: “Sorry about your glasses but at least I made you smell me.” *Shane laughs hysterically*

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